An Honorable and Glorious
Privateer Vessel

Officially sanctioned as a Privateer vessel on Stardate 0006.30 - 1375.06.30 IR.

Patroling the Tampa Bay Sector, Florida Quadrant.

Last Updated Stardate 0206.23 - 1377.06.23 IR

Click here for our charity events and fund raisers for the 9/11 Tragedy.

Our Quote:

"We the Willing lead by the Unknowing have been doing the impossible. We have done so much for so long with so little that we are now qualified to do anything with absolutely nothing."

-Author Unknown

Our Quest:

We the crew of the IKV Honor's Blade in order to form a more perfect Star Trek fan club have gathered together to establish Dominance, insusre intergalactic Insanity, provide for Imperial enhancement, promote general Mayhem and secure Honor, Glory, and Bloodwine to ourselves and our future crewmates, do ordain and establish this Ship for Fun, Frivality and Charitable Organizations.


Our Motto:

"You're only friends for life."


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